Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Return Of The Blog (No Promises This Time)

So I really did not keep to my promise of... anything I said in the last post. I apologize profusely. Besides getting in the mindset that if I write about anything I have to write about everything (or nothing, and choosing the latter) The biggest block for me posting is that in order to talk about stuff I have to scan or sync my phone to get pictures and I never want to to that, laborious task that it is. People actually read this thing and I'm sorry I've left you hanging (not that you've been hard up for things to read on the internet).
Anyhow, this I can just link so I can talk about it. When me and Parker started updating 3 times a week in the beginning of Summer I wanted to do a quick little interlude about Mike fishing with his dad. Originally it was supposed to be water color but I've somehow learned to be a better draftsmen with just these 7 or 8 (I don't even know how many) comics. I'm more proud of them than anything else we've done so far. When I first wanted to do comics I wanted to do something like this, and the response I've gotten has been really positive from everybody, on pretty much all fronts.

Thanks everybody!

This last comic (which won't be up until Thursday so this is an early post) is maybe my favorite ever, and the last in the fish series. Maybe I'll make a little book and see who wants it, or give it away! That would be a fine profit margin, I wager.

In other news things are pretty much great all the time, in all regards. I haven't played or bought a new video game in a good while but Fallout 3 is still entertaining as hell. Firefly and Serenity were amazingly good watching them again, I'm even more proud to be a browncoat then I already was, and now I am really quite excited to go through Cowboy Bebop again. I actually get like, shaky with anticipation when I think about it or listen to the soundtrack.

Speaking of music, Genius is really nice when you have 60 gigs you've barely scratched the surface of. That's been pretty nice.

So other than that, school starts pretty soon here and I have a feeling I'm going to be updating more when that happens for whatever reason. I've also fucked around with the colors to see if it looks better. What do you guys think?

Thanks for the reads folks, I'll see you again soon.


  1. Well I think the blue symbolizes a move towards a darker Mikelblog, as we escape from the orange of the afternoon of our times and begin to face the icy twilight that comes next.

  2. That or blue is easier on the eyes.